Formed at the end of 2011, Vertical Capital Income Fund has strategically compiled and managed a portfolio that has generated investment returns derived almost entirely from first mortgage residential loans. VCIF is different from other funds that participate in the U.S. residential mortgage market, because it does not purchase tranches of residential mortgage backed securities. This fact makes VCIF part of a small minority of traded funds and therefore a unique investment opportunity. VCIF has a long track record of providing income via monthly distributions and is managed by Oakline Advisors, LLC.

For the most recent information on VCIF, please click the following link to view our most recent letter to shareholders that accompanied our most recent financial reporting (or inquire with specific questions via the Contact Us page).


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Distributions are currently being made pursuant to a managed distribution plan (the “Plan”), which may be amended, modified or terminated by VCIF’s board of trustees. Distributions under the Plan, which are not guaranteed, may consist of (i) net investment income, (ii) net realized short-term capital gains, (iii) net realized long-term capital gains and, to the extent necessary, (iv) return of capital (or other capital sources).